Fusion of Form & Function

"Form and Function should be one, joined in a spiritual union." Frank Lloyd Wright

SDM Apartment in Mumbai by Arquitectura en Movimiento Workshop

Guardians of the Galaxy by Tyler Stout

Blossom Cava Sparkling Wine by PACKLAB

We are Groot

We are Groot

Lazy Basketball Chair by Emanuele Magini

Refresh Dopp Kit by hard graft

"Jacked" Series by Barry Blankenship

Clourant Photo Series by Floto+Warner Studio

Ceramic “Drip” Mugs by Starbucks x Band of Outsiders

Ceramic Vase by Paul Menand

Object-O Lantern Chair by Seung Yong Song

Funko POP!

"The Smirk" Yamaha by Deus ex Machina